Revel in Oblivion


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TSVET REPTILIΛ - 'Revel in Oblivion'
MMXIII release


released June 25, 2013

Music by Fenrisúlfr + Savio
Lyrics written by Fenrisúlfr

Digital illustration and layout by Toxin the Terrible + Fenrisúlfr
All songs, artwork + lyrics © TSVET REPTILIΛ 2013



all rights reserved




Rippon Madtha
Shams Khizriev

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Track Name: Revel in Oblivion
The final valedictions to the screams of the mind
Im Closer to nothing than ever before x2

An amalgam of my wrath
Curse the skies that bled me
Its dirt running deep into in my skin
Your ubiquitous prayers will not save you now

Raise the arrows to the skies
Travelling a thousand years
Only to pierce through his flesh

Stand still mist
Poisoned grey to kill
Trickling into my veins
Blackened dreams insensate

Will the gaze blind me?
Curse the skies that bled me
Its dirt running deep in my skin
The beauty of this clockwork is me

Lambent colours of a dying season twist and twirl
Only a mirage of torment and apathy
If death can imitate light
Then why seek sustenance?

Marking the shadows
Inspiriting no more

Will the gaze blind me?
Its dirt running deep into in my skin
The beauty of this clockwork is me

Cold winters on white fields
Only reaps a morning slumber

My spine coils inwards
Closer than ever before
Track Name: Epidemic Perversion
Sermon: In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti

Men of Glory
Where are the hallowed?
When you sit and watch your own flesh rot
Where is the eye that swallowed
The womb that wrought this world
Only a hole in time
The women will embrace the dead

And their bodies sold for honour
Nothing different from before
The sickness only a drink away

In nomine padre
And their bodies will be sold for honour
et filli
Nothing different from now
et spiritus Sancti
Only in hiding

The sickness is only a drink away
in nomine padre
But even Death is burdened
et filii
When hell will disgorge the rotting
et spiritus Sancti
For he must stitch it
God would like it that way
A damned furniture to lie on

They will come for your kind
Hail the perversion
The weight of a diseased culture
Estranged in your own homes
Your wives will look so much sweeter
When they are ravaged by the messiah
For she sold your burning land
Your graves they shall become
Your blood shall cremate your own

“But if you don't heed me
and keep my commandments
reject my precepts
ignore my decrees
refuse to obey and so
break my covenant “

“I will bring you horror
by draining your life
and weakening your eyes
i will turn from you
till your beaten by your all your enemies “

“Those whom you hate
shall rule over you!”